18 December 2023

Morison Global welcomes new regional chairs for Europe and North America

The Morison Global European board has elected Ariel Zitnitski, Zitnitski Weinstein (Tel-Aviv, Israel) as the new Chair of the European Board and the Morison Global North America Board has elected James Gomes, Calibre CPA Group (Washington DC/Chicago, US) as the new Chair of the North American Board.

Ariel replaces Sachin Ramaiya, who left the association earlier this year. Ariel Zitnitski, Managing Partner at Zitnitski Weinstein, joined the European board in September 2022 and has demonstrated excellent leadership and proactivity in developing the region.

James will replace Sandra Ataman (McCarney Group, Toronto, Canada) who is standing down after serving three successful years as Chair of the North American Board. Sandra has done an excellent job in leading the region and has been instrumental in the success of its International Women’s Day events during that period. Sandra is standing down due to professional and other commitments but continues to serve as a committed member of the North American Board.

James, partner at Calibre CPA Group, holds several elected key roles in the firm including the management committee that governs the firm, the partner compensation committee and is the partner in charge of the firm’s human resources. James has been an active member of the North American Board since March 2021.

As Chairs of Europe and North America, Ariel and James will also join the Morison Global (international) Board.

On behalf of all members, we congratulate Ariel and James on their elections and thank Sandra for her 3 years’ service as Chair of the North American region.

"Congratulations to Ariel and James on their elections. I greatly look forward to working closely with them to further develop the region. Special thanks to Sandra for her successful 3-years as Chair, we are grateful for all the energy and support you have given.”

Paul Wan, Chair of Morison Global