Our Directors

Morison Global is an association run by members for members in partnership with our professional Global Executive Office team. We are led by the International Board of Directors which sets the strategy and direction of the association. Together we work with the membership to support their aspirations and objectives and enable them to maximise opportunities.

Paul Wan

Chair of Morison Global

Membership of Morison Global allows you to make genuine, purposeful connections with like-minded professionals who are committed to their clients’ global success. Our unique, close-knit culture focusses on collaboration, combined with technical excellence - making us one of the leading accounting associations in the world.

  • Sandra Ataman

    Chair of Morison Global North America

    One of the best things about being a member of Morison Global is the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with such a diverse community of professionals. The association has an inclusive mindset which is essential for our future leaders.
  • Harsh Bhuta

    Chair of Morison Global Asia Pacific

    Our members go beyond being accountants, they are trusted advisers providing complementary services in niche sectors and industries. They’re driven to deliver results, always with the client at the core of everything they do.
  • Ignacio Cavallero

    Chair of Morison Global Latin America

    I’m proud to be a part of a global family of successful forward-thinking firms, which are leaders in many of the markets they operate in – building our profile in all corners of the globe.
  • Stephen Chang

    Independent Director

    Morison Global has over 30 years of successfully supporting clients’ global ambitions. I’ve seen first-hand how the association’s collaborative approach and focus on recruiting and retaining only the highest quality firms has made Morison Global a trusted and reliable brand.
  • Ashvin Gokhool

    Chair of Morison Global Africa

    Being a member of Morison Global is not just about business, it’s about making real, long-lasting connections and friendships from which business opportunities flourish. There is something special about our relationships and working together as one to achieve our goals.

Our Regional Directors

Morison Global Africa
  1. Ashvin Gokhool, Chair
  2. Adil Charradi
  3. Marco Patrizi
  4. Taher Hadjkacem
  5. Khaled Maher
Morison Global Asia Pacific
  1. Harsh Bhuta, Chair
  2. Afwaz Alkhuzam
  3. Farrukh Junaidy
  4. Henry Shin
  5. Normita Villaruz
  6. Rehao Chen
  7. Victor Heng
Morison Global Europe
  1. Awaiting Appointment, Chair
  2. Jonas Derycke
  3. Isabelle Hazan-Strecker
  4. Lucy Patsalides
  5. Ignasi Contreras
  6. Ariel Zitnitski
Morison Global Latin America
  1. Ignacio Cavallero, Chair
  2. Stephen Chang, Independent Director
  3. João Carlos Castilho Garcia
  4. Samuel Matute
  5. Carlos Urbina
  6. Leonel Villamar
  7. Antonio Matas
Morison Global North America
  1. Sandra Ataman, Chair
  2. Yelena Epova
  3. James Gomes
  4. Evan Stephens
  5. John Lucas