26 October 2023

Role of Auditing Firms in ESG

Auditing firms play a pivotal role in helping companies set, measure, and monitor their Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals. As ESG considerations become increasingly critical for businesses, investors, and stakeholders, auditing firms can provide valuable expertise and assurance in the following ways:

1 September 2023

The “Why behind the What” at Morison Global

Every organisation has the responsibility to add value with the service or product that they provide to their clients. But there is a deeper sense of responsibility that arises once the company has become profitable and efficient. That sense of deep responsibility comes from knowing that what we do in the firm, can do much more than just satisfy a need, it can become a means to transform the lives of all stakeholders.

17 July 2023

The Essential Role of accounting in society and the economy

Accounting is a critical component of modern society and the global economy. From managing personal finances to running multinational corporations, accounting plays a vital role in ensuring that financial transactions are accurate, transparent, and reliable. In this article, we'll explore the importance of accounting to society and the economy, and how it contributes to the efficient functioning of financial systems.