16 March 2023

Morison Global rises to be a top-nine association

The International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) has published its 2023 World Survey rankings and Morison Global is ranked as the 9th largest association in the world, having risen from 10th place, with a total revenue of over $1 billion.

Morison Global CEO, Kenny Young said: “We are very happy to have improved our ranking this year. A good number of Morison Global member firms saw very positive growth this year which is very exciting to see! Our market coverage and range of services continue to expand, all with an eye towards the future and serving the evolving needs of our clients.”

Click here for more IAB ranking information on Morison Global’s top-nine position.

Morison Global is a leading global association of high-quality professional services firms, collaborating in 74 countries to serve the cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and consulting needs of members’ clients. If being part of our ambitious community interests you, please visit our Join Us page for more information and to apply.

We are very happy to have improved our ranking this year.

Kenny Young, CEO, Morison Global