15 July 2022

Morison Global announces keynote speaker for Vienna

Morison Global is pleased to announce that Cyriel Kortleven will be joining us at our International and European conference on 16 September in Vienna, Austria, as our keynote speaker.

Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel’s session titled ‘The Change Mindset – Survival kit for professionals in charge’ will look at confronting new challenges and embracing different perspectives in order to become a better leader. Members will leave with the spark, tools and language to influence others to be more creative and entrepreneurial and give a big boost to their own Change Mindset.

Cyriel is a global speaker on change mindset, innovation and creativity, and has 20 years of hands-on experience in these domains. He has inspired organisations in 33 different countries across five continents and is one of only 35 people in the world who has received a Global Speaking Fellows award (an award for speakers who have spoken across the Globe and demonstrate a high degree of speaking expertise and cultural awareness in global markets). He is also Belgium’s first Certified Professional Speaker.

We are delighted to welcome Cyriel to our first international conference in almost three years, and we are certain he will bring great value and provide excellent and inspiring insights to our members.

To register for the conference, click here or email [email protected].

We look forward to seeing everyone in Vienna from 15-18 September!