3 November 2020

Launch of The Community, Morison Global members’ meeting place!

Today marked a significant step change in the way the association collaborates with each other. With the launch of the new Community we are celebrating improvements in how we collect data from members but also how they will work, share and learn from each other.

At the association level it will save man weeks in what used to be tedious manual job collecting and compiling data from hundreds of spreadsheets. For members it will revolutionise how we:

Connect: you can do detailed searches by country, specialism or industry expertise. You can connect directly with the right expert. We have new profiles for every member firm ensuring that each of our members is presented in the best light.

Collaborate: you can work with peers on your favourite technical topics, share articles and develop business opportunities all within the platform.

Communicate: follow the latest association news , or post your own! Sharing is a great way to build trust between firms.

Content Hub: Learn, cultivate your expertise and grow your skills using the new content hub. You will find recordings of all key events as well as presentations, tax newsletters etc.

And finally,

Come together by registering for our conferences and virtual seminars and social events.

It’s all happening in The Community – exclusively for our members!