25 August 2023

Highlights from the Latin America conference in Guatemala

Antigua, a city steeped in history and culture, recently played host to the much-anticipated Morison Global Latin America conference.

Delegates and companions came together in this charming city to engage in a series of enlightening sessions and meaningful discussions. The event kicked off with welcome drinks at the Los Moros Restaurant within the Porta Hotel Antigua, setting the stage for what promised to be an unforgettable conference.

The Power of Purpose: Insights from Pablo Rubio

Pablo Rubio, the man behind Soy Pablo Rubio Purpose Driven Consulting delivered an illuminating session titled "The 'Why' behind the 'What'." In this session, Pablo delved deep into the concept of intrinsic purpose that underpins our actions. He shed light on how this purpose can transcend generational boundaries, igniting a passionate fire within diverse organisations. His insights resonated deeply with the attendees, inspiring them to contemplate the driving forces behind their own endeavours.

Welcoming New Voices: Montero de Los Santos & Asociados

A warm Latin American welcome was extended to the newest member firm from the region - Montero de Los Santos & Asociados, from the Dominican Republic. This introduction marked a significant moment for the region, being the first member firm in the Caribbean, as the organisation's presence reinforced the conference's commitment to fostering connections and collaborations across borders.

Navigating Leadership Succession: Insights from Pablo Rubio

Pablo Rubio returned to the spotlight in the afternoon, hosting a panel session centred around "Succession Readiness and Transitioning Leadership to the Next Generation." Panel members shared their real-world experiences and perspectives, offering invaluable insights into the intricate process of leadership succession. Delegates came away from the session with a wealth of knowledge, and practical strategies to better prepare their organisations for inevitable transitions.

The Intersection of Strategy and AI: An Exploration with Mauricio Alvarez

Mauricio Alvarez, a distinguished consultant specialising in strategy and finance, took centre stage to unravel the complex relationship between human capabilities and technological advancements. His session, focused on "Strategy in the Era of AI," captivated the audience as he skillfully navigated the delicate balance between human intuition and the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Alvarez's expertise provided a thought-provoking glimpse into the future of business strategy in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Culinary Delights and Cultural Experiences

The conference was not only about knowledge sharing but also about creating meaningful connections and unforgettable memories, so we ended day one with an incredible evening at Mesón Panza Verde, a local restaurant known for its vibrant atmosphere and amazing food created an ambiance that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the event.

Shaping the Future of Accounting: Insights from Felipe Montero

On day two Felipe Montero of Montero de los Santos & Associates took the stage to shed light on the evolving landscape of the accounting field. He guided participants through the intricate realm of regulations shaping the practice of public accounting. His presentation provided a comprehensive understanding of the normative shifts on the horizon, ensuring that delegates were well-informed about the path ahead.

Embracing Change and Fostering Mutual Support

In a world characterised by ceaseless transformation, Mauricio Alvarez took to the stage, offering guidance on how to navigate this dynamic landscape. His expertise in strategy and finance shone as he explored potential obstacles and prospects that lie ahead. Mauricio’s insights illuminated strategies for effectively guiding companies into the future, emphasising the importance of mutual support as organisations collectively pursue their ambitions.

A Journey through Antigua's Treasures

As the conference drew to a close, participants had the opportunity to explore the rich history of Antigua. Visits to the awe-inspiring San Jose Cathedral and the Mayan Textile tour allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the cultural gems of the city. The conference ended on a high note with a traditional Guatemalan textile tour, celebrating the intricate beauty of local craftsmanship.

A Heartfelt Thank You

The success of Latin America conference was a testament to the dedication of all members and guests who contributed to the event's vibrant and enriching atmosphere. Their active participation, enthusiasm, and willingness to share insights made the conference an unforgettable experience. The connections formed and the knowledge gained will undoubtedly continue to resonate long after the conference's end.