21 February 2022

Morison Global rises two places to number 6 in UK rankings

The International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) has published its annual 2022 UK rankings and Morison Global has risen by two places – we are now the 6th largest association in the UK!

The strength of the association in the UK has quickly grown over the past two years. Morison Global is proudly represented by 5 incredibly dynamic firms, 3 of which joined the association between 2020-2021.

West Midlands-based firm Ormerod Rutter joined the association in the spring of 2020. Senior Partner Colm McGrory shared that ‘we’re delighted to have been a part of the growth and expansion of Morison Global over the last few years.’ He went on to celebrate the firm’s ‘growth trajectory [as] we continue to develop new solutions and services. With the continued emergence of new trends, it is both reassuring and exciting to be part of such a forward-thinking association.’

Then shortly after, Fortus became a member of Morison Global. It has quickly grown its presence to 11 locations across the UK. Chairman Andrew Minifie reflected that ‘as a rapidly growing national firm, Fortus needed a rapidly growing international association. Last year we were pleased to join Morison Global and this year we’re delighted they’ve risen 2 places to become the 6th largest international association in the UK. Access to international partners has played a big part in our growth.’

In the summer of 2021, the association welcomed Cowgills in the North of England. Despite the ongoing pandemic they ‘felt welcomed with open arms by the Morison Global team and members alike.’ Partner Alex Hesketh said that ‘we have immediately formed valuable relationships with a number of member firms, who we are collaboratively working with and generating additional value for our respective firms. With the benefit of hindsight we would certainly make the decision to join the association again.'

It is both reassuring and exciting to be part of such a forward-thinking association.

Colm McGrory, Partner, Ormerod Rutter

Our other two UK members, Nyman Libson Paul and Jeffreys Henry also had strong growth this past year.

Partner Anthony Pins of Nyman Libson Paul highlighted that despite ‘what was a challenging year operationally, we were still able to achieve a significant increase in revenue across all service lines, and our membership of Morison Global, which gives us and our clients access to associated, like-minded firms worldwide, was very much part of that success.’

Justin Randall, Partner at Jeffreys Henry stated that their firm ‘has grown over 10% annually since joining Morison Global and we are delighted to make this contribution to the Morison Global success in the UK market.’

Morison Global is so pleased to celebrate the individual successes of each of our UK firms. They exemplify the strength of the association and our ambitions to grow in a responsible and sustainable way. We are looking forward to future years of collaboration with the aim of Building Better Business Globally.