8 March 2021

Thought leadership report: Celebrating Morison Global’s women leaders


This year to mark International Women's Day we are celebrating, in a meaningful way, our Morison Global women leaders. It is a day to remember our achievements and successes and to feel proud.

This celebration has two facets, events and our thought leadership report. On Monday 8 March, 2021 we hosted our own events where our panellists shared with us their journeys, challenges and advice. Over 40 women, from members in 18 countries, have contributed to a ground-breaking piece of research which explores how our diverse leadership continues to contribute to our firms’ sustainable success in their markets.

These impressive role models have generously shared their personal professional journeys and how their experiences and approach to clients and employees have shaped their inclusive leadership styles. The report is truly inspirational for anyone considering a role in the accountancy profession though it is certainly not limited to it. Perhaps more importantly it provides deep insight into what inclusive and genuine leadership is. Therefore, anyone who is looking to develop their own leadership approach would benefit from reading this report.

Click the download button at the top of the page to read the report and please share with your colleagues, clients and friends!