27 October 2021

World Sustainability Day – reflections from our event with ACCA

Today, 27 October 2021, is World Sustainability Day. At Morison Global, as part of our strategy we are working to ensure that, as an organisation, we are more thoughtful in our impact on the planet and our people. Morison Global has partnered with the ACCA since 2017, working towards a deeper understanding of the issues facing the global accountancy profession, and we are working closely with the body on emerging themes such as sustainability.

On 30 September 2021 Morison Global members from all over the world enjoyed an exclusive event, a special sustainability talk led by Helen Brand, Chief Executive of ACCA. Helen and her team at ACCA shared with our members the importance of this key theme, asking where our firms should start in terms of sustainability, and what benefits are associated with adopting these practices.

"It’s important that we present sustainability as good business sense and recognise that clients will be at different stages of this journey. As trusted advisers, we have a duty to demonstrate to clients that sustainable business is also sensible business." – Helen Brand, Chief Executive, ACCA

The event was followed by a panel moderated by John Sensiba, Managing Partner of Sensiba San Filippo, LLP, one of our member firms in the US. The panel included Scott Anderson (Sensiba San Filippo LLP, US), Keith Greenwald (Aprio, US) and Julien Gervreau (Jackson Family Wines, US).

“Increasingly there are forces that are driving SMEs towards integrating sustainability practices into their businesses. It was great to hear Helen’s perspective on such a relevant issue that is so important for our members.” Kenny Young, CEO, Morison Global

It was great to hear Helen’s perspective on such a relevant issue that is so important for our members.

Kenny Young, CEO, Morison Global

Thank you to Helen Brand and her team at ACCA for supporting us and our members in working towards sustainable goals, to our panel of speakers and of course to our Morison Global members for your engagement and enthusiasm.

Morison Global members will have access to a package of materials following this event to support them in starting or developing sustainable practices for their firms and for their clients.