1 September 2023

The “Why behind the What” at Morison Global

Every organisation has the responsibility to add value with the service or product that they provide to their clients. But there is a deeper sense of responsibility that arises once the company has become profitable and efficient. That sense of deep responsibility comes from knowing that what we do in the firm, can do much more than just satisfy a need, it can become a means to transform the lives of all stakeholders.

Pablo Rubio Soy, PabloRubio Consulting.

Knowing this and sharing that sense of responsibility with everyone within the firm has the power to transform the way people perceive their work. People start to understand that the work they do is not just a means to earn a living, it is not a means to earn just respect and prestige either, but it is a means to understand that the work we do is destined for a bigger cause and that is why we choose to work with a sense of calling.

Working with a sense of purpose (calling) has all the right elements and conditions to promote human flourishing and that becomes the fertile soil on which each of our partner’s firms at Morison Global can become a catalyst for societal improvement.

In other words, what we do at Morison Global is always infused with a deep sense of purpose that inspires us to become active firms that help humanity move forward to a better and brighter future for all.

There is a deeper sense of responsibility that arises once the company has become profitable and efficient.

Suggestions on how to ignite the sense of purpose within everyone inside the firm:

  1. Remember the beginnings: When the founders of the firm started doing their work, they were not only focused on becoming profitable, their minds and hands were infused with the fire that was burning in their hearts because they wanted to be more than just a provider of services, they wanted to become a partner in the story of success of their clients.
  2. Look at the efforts the firm has gone through to help the most important clients: there they will find the real intentions that permeate the reasons for working long hours, for going the extra mile, for giving more than is expected of us. It is important to put a spotlight into the deep meaning of our biggest efforts and sacrifices to help our clients.
  3. Ask and, dare to question the “why” that drives our consultancy towards our partners: this will put our economic activity to the test, because our leaders and our people must be able understand the end goal of all of our effort: to help all stakeholders to flourish through the service and work we provide.
  4. Implement an educational program in which all participants can dive deep into the philosophy and motivation that makes a purpose driven life essential to everyone so that then we can come together to form a purpose driven organisation.