29 September 2022

Morison Global Europe appoints 3 new directors

Morison Global is pleased to announce that on 19 September, three new directors were appointed to the board of Morison Global Europe.

The European board welcomes Ariel Zitnitski from Zitnitski Weinstein & Co. (Israel), Ignasi Contreras from Morison ACPM (Spain) and Lucy Patsalides from Morison Patsalides (Cyprus).

All directors were appointed following the Morison Global recruitment and selection process, led by a Nomination Committee, aimed at attracting new talent and diversity to the boards.

Chair of Morison Global Europe, Sachin Ramaiya, said: “We are delighted to welcome Ariel, Ignasi and Lucy to the European board and we are confident that their experience and knowledge will help drive the region’s development and initiatives - welcome onboard!

Congratulations to these new directors on their appointments!