28 February 2024

Tokyo 2023: A spectacular journey through innovation, insights, and Japanese culture

The Morison Global International & Asia Pacific conference (27-30 November 2023) kicked off with a vibrant celebration in Tokyo, bringing together both familiar and fresh faces for an evening filled with great food, drinks, and cultural experiences. From the spectacle of two chefs skilfully carving a whole tuna to the traditional Sake Barrel Ceremony “Kagami-Biraki,” the stage was set for an unforgettable conference.

Day One: Unveiling Global Talent Trends

The conference’s first day opened with Chun Wee Chiew, Regional Policy & Insights Lead at ACCA, taking the stage to delve into the ground-breaking global talent trends study. From hybrid work and mental wellness to sustainability, technology, and mobility, Chun Wee expertly navigated through key themes shaping the future of accounting and finance worldwide. Thank you to our panellists, Kemal Acar (Hoek en Blok/Netherlands), Harsh Bhuta (Bhuta Shah/India), James Gomes (Calibre CPA/US), Colm McGrory (Ormerod Rutter/UK) and Khaled Maher (AHG/Egypt) for joining Chun Wee to share their perspectives on the topic.

Daryl Aw, Founder and Managing Director of Skybots Singapore, added a dynamic touch to the post-lunch session, offering a crash course on the transformative power of RPA and AI tools like ChatGPT. His insights illuminated the significant benefits these tools bring to professional service firms, setting the stage for an era of technological innovation.

The day concluded with a memorable Yakatabune dinner cruise, allowing participants to absorb the breath-taking Tokyo skyline while indulging in authentic Japanese cuisine.

Day Two: Workshops, Insights, and Gala Extravaganza

Jennifer Shinkai, ACCA, led an interactive workshop on the concept of Ikigai, seamlessly integrating these principles into professional lives to foster self and team awareness. The day continued with Amit Mahadik, Partner at BK Khare & Company, shedding light on the ever-evolving technology landscape within the accounting profession. He emphasised the need for a strategic roadmap in navigating the influx of emerging technologies. A panel comprised of Kevin Kurian (Morison Menon/Qatar), Jay Jhaveri (Bhuta Shah/India) and Wei Han Wan (Paul Wan & Co. Singapore) continued the conversation sharing their experience and perspectives on the topic.
As the sun set on day two, the traditional gala dinner unfolded, featuring incredible performances from Asia Pacific members and host firms A&A Partners and S-Link. The evening also witnessed the entertaining karaoke talents of our Chair, Mr. Paul Wan.

Closing Day: Exploring Tokyo

The conference’s final day was a whirlwind of activities, starting with a visit to the tranquil Meiji Jingu Shrine, nestled in a forest in the heart of the city. From the bustling youth culture of Harajuku to the iconic Shibuya crossing, participants immersed themselves in the vibrant tapestry of modern Japanese culture. A lively lunch, complete with a live Sumo show, provided hilarious moments as Stefan Huang from WeTec tried his hand at Sumo.
The day concluded with a visit to the Team Lab Planets interactive art museum, where members experienced an immersive wonderland. Barefoot explorations, waterfall climbs, and interactive artwork created an atmosphere of joy and creativity, providing the perfect finale to a conference that seamlessly blended business insights with cultural exploration.

In retrospect, MGTokyo23 was more than a conference; it was a journey of discovery, collaboration, and celebration, highlighting the dynamic intersection of global business trends and the rich cultural heritage of Japan.