18 January 2021

Looking ahead to 2021! Morison Global builds on strong foundations to implement growth strategy

While COVID remains the unfortunate headline for most of us around the world, it hasn’t prevented us, with our members help, from progressing the association.

In 2020 we had three very ambitious objectives, which we delivered. Key benefits of these are:

  1. A new strategy, in consultation with members that provides us with a framework to progress the association.
  2. A new member website, the Community, that supports collaboration, access to news, tools and pertinent materials as well as a dynamic membership search function -
  3. A brand refresh and new website that gives us a brighter, more genuine outward ‘face’: professional and fun!

We were also able to increase engagement with and between members. In fact, our end of year poll stated that 91% of members were much happier with their membership with Morison Global than the previous year (with none being less happy)! Michelle Mead, Head of Operations and Marketing said "2020 may have been the year of social distancing and virtual meetings, however the year ended up being one of our most connected yet! We delivered 19 events and had over 200 meetings with members, dramatically exceeding what we have done in previous years."

For 2021, our ambitions remain high for the association as we launch our theme: Building opportunity! Building on the strong foundations laid in 2020 we have already identified 5 streams of work that will support this theme. As the year progresses, we will be discussing how each of these positively impacts our members, their teams and firms. For our members we will be outlining specific initiatives through our newsletters and in The Community.

To stretch our thinking, and to develop the Morison Global view, we will explore issues that are affecting the profession such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability and leadership.

We are keen to facilitate our members’ growth, the growth of the organisation and the strength of the brand. We will be encouraging our members and their teams to get actively involved and learn, share and grow with each other throughout 2021.

Thanks to our members for supporting us in the delivery of our objectives in 2020 – we look forward to Building opportunity! with you in 2021!