4 December 2020

Building resilience to build opportunity! Construyendo resiliencia para generar oportunidades!

With over 60 attendees from across the region and with guests from as far as the Philippines, the largest ever Latin America conference explored the concept of resilience.

This year has been challenging for everyone, therefore to help us look forward and to inspire us, we welcomed Catherine Nouel of Dale Carnegie, Panama, to learn how resilience can have positive and lasting impacts on individuals, teams and organisations. It is one of the three foundation pieces needed for organisations to become truly agile. The interactive session, led by our emerging leaders from M/Legate and S&A Auditores y Consultores, concluded that by having a positive attitude we were able to be more creative, innovative and able to make better decisions. It was agreed that while Latin America lives with crisis, individuals and their organisations can thrive with the right attitude, ‘riding the waves’, ‘being flexible, but strong enough not to break.’ It was agreed that communication with teams and clients and setting clear challenges can actually foster true motivation and with one of our members, exceeding results!

Leonel Villamar questioned Sofia Munoz, Auditsolver and Kioumars Balazadeh, Lindsay and Asociados, on how they have managed through the crisis. With institutional challenges, on top of COVID 19, they have proven that our members can improve processes, become more efficient and therefore spend more time supporting clients (than less) creating a sustainable footprint for the future.

Once again, supported by our emerging leaders, Memoria and Rachel presented the new member website, The Community, and asked for ideas of how, what we currently have, could be developed to support our business growth. Many of these helpful ideas are aligned to support our re-launch of the CIGs which we plan to do in 2021.

Finally, our technical sessions on tax and transfer pricing allowed members to hear from our two experts, Fernando Schettini, S&A Auditores, and Gabriel Oliver, Oliver Consulting (part of Grupo KMC), respectively.

A huge thank you to everyone who taught, shared their expertise and inspired us through the day!

We do hope to see everyone in Panama next year!