DIERKES PARTNER (Hamburg-Harburg)

DIERKES PARTNER (Hamburg-Harburg)


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Dierkes Partner is a national registered partnership with three locations in the Hamburg area, with the subsidiary Dierkes Audit. We are a supra-regional and independent advisory firm specialising in the core areas of tax, law and auditing. We act proactively in the field of digitalisation in order to meet the increasingly complex challenges facing us and our clients.

Our history

We were founded in 1990 as Dierkes, Mascher, Grohmann, and became Dierkes Partner in 2004. We opened our third branch in 2007, and now have grown to a firm of 200 employees.

What makes us different?

With a holistic consulting approach, we are able to find tailor-made solutions for our clients. Furthermore, a fair and personal approach to clients, employees and other relations is a major priority for us. We offer specialized products and services from our portfolio to provide the best solution for the client's particular needs. We implement our solutions quickly and in a targeted manner.

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